FPU Bounds [Was: Re: openssh4.0 upgrade]

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai asmodai at wxs.nl
Wed Mar 23 00:27:26 PST 2005

-On [20050320 20:02], Matthew Dillon (dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>    To try to narrow things down, just in case the new ACPI code is doing
>    something it should not, please try booting without ACPI.

I nuked my modules directories and built my kernels without building the
modules.  So for the narrowing down I am solely building and running kernels

>    If you can narrow it down further it would reduce the amount of code I
>    have to wade through to try to track it down.  Unfortunately, FP traps
>    tend to be delayed which makes tracking down the actual source difficult
>    to say the least. 

I checked out from cvs using -P -D with ISO dates.

2005-03-06 works fine.
2005-03-08 does not work, get the FPU bounds panic.
2005-03-09 does now work, get the FPU bounds panic.

The point where it fails is *always* the same point, as I laid down in my
earlier message.

Didn't have the additional time this morning to narrow it down more.

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