for when dragonflyBSD next release?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Mar 18 13:23:27 PST 2005

:Followup: here is a pre-rolled ISO containing this installer:
:made with 'make installer_release' from yesterday's sources plus the
:patch in my previous message.

    Ok, here's some feedback, logging in as 'installer':

    * ESC doesn't work as expected.  When I hit ESC, nothing happens until
      I hit another key (like return), and then the installer executes both
      actions.  This leads to multiple actions being unexpectedly executed.

    * ESC[+some_other_key] exits the top level menu.   It definitely should
      not do that.

    * A large number of directories, including /root, were created with
      user id 1000 instead of 0.  That may have been a side effect of 
      the way you built the ISO because they are uid 1000 on the ISO too?

    Other then that, a basic fresh installion appears to work.

    If you are trying to detect cursor escape sequences, which are typically
    ESC+'['+<blah>, the only way to detect a lone 'ESC' is to have a
    fairly fast timeout looking for the additional ANSI esp sequence
    characters after you have received the ESC character before you give
    up and just assume a single ESC key was hit.


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