src/games WARNS 6 cleanups

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Tue Mar 15 12:58:20 PST 2005

:Here are patches that cleanup
:to WARNS 6 levels.  All are small except bs which was almost totally
:redone.  There are still more cleanups to do to these, but it's a
:Craig Dooley <xlnxminusx at xxxxxxxxx>

    All committed, except I reformated the procedure definitions.  i.e.
    instead of:

    int main(blahblahblah) {
	code ...

    The defacto-standard for our source base is as shown below.  There are
    many reasons for this but the one that effects people's daily lives
    the most is that us programmers have gotten used to searching for
    procedure definitions with '/^procedure_name' (i.e. using an anchored
    search).  This tends to skip any prototypes and calls to the procedure
    and go right to the procedure def itself.

        code ...

    I didn't try to fix everything, either :-)  Boy that original game code
    is a mess!


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