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Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:

> On Sat, Mar 12, 2005 at 06:30:10AM +0800, Bill Hacker wrote:
>>One easily edited via ssh, or explained in a fax or such when
>>'remote hands' are involved, as the site-techs are usually rather
>> junior and Win or Lin 'spurts - not *BSD anyway.
> Write me something like smit from AIX please :) To quote a college
> of mine, which is more a programmer than an admin, smit helps you
> learn more about the system, but it shows you what it does.
> Joerg

ACK. One could learn the craft practically from scratch with the
online docs of HP-3000 and IBM iron.  Quiet times in the DC...

But serious money went into stuff like 'Redbooks' and all that.
Tech writers, not just coders....

Part of our problem is folks are too rushed to even comment,
let alone come back and document.... The money spent on
OS/2 alone... <sigh>

. .and if you didn't code it... C is not the easiest (nor the worst..)
of lingos for another person to decipher and document later....

That said, the greater problem is the 'instant gratification' folk
who won't read the many excellent handbook, doc, and man
pages we DO have...


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