chmod 660 on /dev/pass*

Joerg Anslik joerg at
Fri Mar 11 14:06:12 PST 2005


>Gets my vote!

That makes two in total so far. :)

>- perhaps read-in by MAKEDEV so as to 'reach out and touch'
>  perms and such?

Why extra file containing local overrides should be easy to
implement. I'd volunteer here, but because of that old witch who
cursed my entire family centuries ago, none of my submissions ever
make it into this is probably an another wasted effort.

Anyway, I like this idea!

>- Or are we [ re-inventing | improving upon] device hints?

Probably overkill, IMHO.


who | grep -i blonde | talk; cd ~; wine; talk; touch;
unzip; touch; strip; gasp; finger; gasp; mount;
fsck; more; yes; gasp; umount; make clean; sleep

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