ipw driver

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Sun Mar 6 10:28:50 PST 2005

    I committed the base set.  How about Andrew and Johannes coordinate 
    with each other and then post the followup work to submit@ and I'll
    get it committed.

    I'll make the NOWAIT->WAITOK changes right now.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

:Looks good. A few things you may still wish to do -
:In *_cache_firmware you may wish to make your bus_dmamem_alloc()'s do
:BUS_DMA_WAITOK instead of *_NOWAIT. NO_WAIT will fail in low memory
:conditions where WAIKOK will succeed. Since you're not in a big hurry
:to cache the firmware WAITOK seems more appropriate and is more robust.
:The RAWBPF stuff has been implemented, so you should get rid of the
:ifdef IPW_RAWBPF's and re-work the bpf_mtap2() to use the
:DragonFly api's instead.
:You're missing a few dma_sync() operations. This may cause the ipw
:firmware to fail under load. Since there are many similarities
:between ipw and iwi you might want to look for places where iwi is
:dma_synching and ipw does not (yet). :)
:There's a couple of #if 0 blocks that look like try-it-out-maybe sort
:of code that should be cleaned up (ie. leave it in (remove the #if 0),
:or take it out (remove the code block).
:Instead of doing the splimp()/splx()'s directly in the code, you may
:wish to consider using a IPW_LOCK/IPW_UNLOCK macros - put these in you
:if_ipwvar.h header file. This seems to be the most common approach in
:the codebase currently.
:You may wish to merge in ALTQ support - it's not that hard to do and
:is pretty cool once you've got it working.
:You may wish to turn on WARNS?=6 in your makefiles to ensure the code
:is squeaky clean - there's currently an effort underway to make the
:entire codebase WARNS?=6 clean, so might as well start the ipw driver
:off on the right foot. :) :)

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