patch for the checkpointing paper

Kamal R. Prasad kamalpr at
Tue Mar 8 06:54:45 PST 2005


 The patch (containing 3 diffs and some modified files
because I lost the original) is attached herewith. I
can provide example programs if required.Basically,
the code to checkpoint is written as :-

if (tsetjmp() < 0)
. ..
tlongjmp(1); /* or any retval returned by tsetjmp() */

There are some ancillary functions that help in moving
back and forth between states and/or determine last
signal delivered.
cache() is used to copyin and copyout a block of
memory not exceeding 4 KB. Note that all variables not
cached are lost after a longjmp().

None of this code will be checked into the dragonfly
src tree by me. If someone wants to get this code into
any src tree, pl. feel free to do so -as permitted by
the BSD license.


Kamal R. Prasad
UNIX systems consultant 
kamalp at xxxxxxx

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is:-).

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