grep --dont-read-devices-or-symlinks

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Jun 17 08:39:28 PDT 2005

:find attached a patch to grep to only read real files, ignoring symlinks,
:devices, etc.(-O --only-files). I felt I need this for grepping my /src/sys
:which also contains some compile/* directories where modules produce recurs=
:  simon

    Well, there is at least one issue with this.  I'm not sure the option is
    general enough.  e.g. perhaps it should not avoid symlinks.  I'd use
    stat() rather then lstat() at the very least.

    Grep isn't realliy the best utility to search an entire hierarchy.
    I would use a comnation of find with the -exec option to write
    a search script.  I use this:


find . -type f -and -not -name '*.*o' -and -not -name '*.a' -and -not -name '*.kld' | fgrep -v ./compile | xargs egrep "$argv" | egrep -v 'Binary'

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