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Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai asmodai at wxs.nl
Thu Jun 2 05:59:57 PDT 2005

-On [20050602 00:52], walt (wa1ter at xxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>Do you follow the "wip" mailing list?

No, I do checkout the CVS tree though.
Need to see if I will subscribe.

>I've posted a few questions about the wip/jdk14 package recently and had
>very little feedback.  This is no tragedy, of course, but it makes me think
>about the large number of very talented developers we leave behind when we
>abandon the FBSD ports system.

pkgsrc at least deals with the stuff I have been forced to deal with given
the dfports idea.  It was nice while it lasted but it's time to move on.

>The pkgsrc project seems to be understaffed, and that is the one major
>flaw which I think will not improve any time soon unless the FreeBSD
>ports people begin to support it also.

All depends on your point of view. ;)
Joerg and me are actively working on stuff.

>Can you see modifying portupgrade to use pkgsrc as its building/installing

I'm working on my own tool for this.

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