NCURSES not done, and not going to mess with build system.

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai asmodai at
Sun Feb 27 11:02:59 PST 2005

-On [20050227 19:52], Tsume (tsume at xxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>Hello, this is Tsume. What a nice day outside. Is everyone having a nice  
>day? I could have uploaded to my server, yes, nstead of leeching the  
>bandwidth of the all mighty news server. My apologies for the inconvience.

You forgot one simple fact or just weren't aware of that (please keep in
mind for the future):

the newsserver and mailinglist are linked.  Thus, posting an attachment
means it will also get sent out to a mailinglist.  And typically, sending MB
attachments is still frowned upon.

Hope that clarifies what people were trying to say.

Also, please keep the sarcasm out of the discussion, it doesn't befit


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