VFS code questions

Kevin M. Kilbride kmk at ssl.org
Fri Feb 25 20:28:50 PST 2005

justin at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Kirk? Kirk who? Are you talking about Kirk McKusick? Does he actually
hang out around these parts? How would one go about asking him such a

I don't think he reads the DragonFly lists, but he is probably reachable
at mckusick at xxxxxxxxxxxx, going by his webpages.

I see. Well, after looking at the code a bit more carefully next week, I 
might try sending him a delicately-worded question or two. Might as well 
fix what I can fix in userland without worrying about system interfaces, 
first. If it isn't WARNS=6---oh, well. No point in allocating temporary 
string objects and duplicating before passing to interfaces that can't 
be made constant, but which never modify strings. Such a pedantic 
exercise would probably be of net negative value, at least with respect 
to the presumed motivations for eliminating compiler warnings (i.e., 
safety and maintainability).

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