Patch to execve

Kevin M. Kilbride kmk at
Fri Feb 25 14:21:45 PST 2005

Ooops. Replied to sender instead of to the list. Sorry.

Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:

Impossible / unacceptable. The interface is not type-compatible with
SUS if you do. Read the rules about implicit const conversions in
ISO C90/C99, if you have questions.

Implicit type conversion works just fine, obviously---the code 
compiled before these changes, after all. You simply cannot make the 
code WARNS=6 compliant without passing that const through to execve, 
that's all. The compiler will complain if you pass the const 
implicitly and it will complain if you explicitly cast the const away. 
You can't win, either way. (Well, maybe "writable strings" will turn 
it off...). 

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