sudo in the base system

Oliver Fromme check+ic0okq00rsmrjldv at
Wed Feb 16 10:41:44 PST 2005

Jeremy Messenger <mezz7 at xxxxxxx> wrote:
 > On Sun, 13 Feb 2005 18:55:44 +0100, Robert Nagy wrote:
 > > Hi. I'd like to see sudo in the base system, because it is the right
 > > place for it.

Why?  I think the right place is in the ports.

Personally, I never install sudo, so having it in the base
system would be a waste.  I prefer "super" (security/super
in the ports), because it has a cleaner configuration format,
so it's easier to configure securely.

 > Not sure if it's worth effect to add more stuff in the base system.

There are lots of ports which would be much more useful in
the base system.  For example, I install sysutils/lsof and
devel/strace on almost every machine.  I'd like to vote for
those two to go into the base system.  :-)

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