sudo in the base system

Robert Nagy robert at
Sun Feb 13 14:01:08 PST 2005

On (13/02/05 23:45), Alexander 'alxl' Lobachov wrote:
> +++ Robert Nagy [13/02/05 22:22 +0100]:
> > Yes you can install it easily, ut that won't give you more functionality
> > in the base system if you don't want to use the ports system or the binary
> > packages. Having sudo in the base system can be very useful. For example
> > with patches to the mk infrastructure people will be able to do builds
> > using root privileges where they are really needed (for example installing files
> > outside the work/obj dirs). And this is not the only way of using sudo.
> > It is quiet a handy software. 
> Same functionality can be reached by using su, try to (cd
> /usr/ports/port_catefory/port_name && make install clean) as ordinary user.
That won't work. Have you tried to do that before you wrote this message?

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