/etc/defaults/services and /etc/services

Joerg Anslik joerg at anslik.de
Fri Feb 11 09:21:06 PST 2005


>    Your patch looks like a good first attempt.  Here are some comments:

Okay, I edited the code according to your comments; I'll make a patch
available later the evening, this time including the carloads of man
pages that mention /etc/services.

>    want to hash the service names scanned from earlier files and skip
>    any that are found to match in later files.

I don't see why we should do this, since /etc/services is read before
/etc/defaults/services, so if a protocol name appears in both files,
the entry from /etc/services matches first and getservent() returns,
ignoring all subsequent entries.

I agree this could be done better:

Now that I looked at the original code, I found it worth being
completely rewritten...at least to get rid of all these "goto"
statements. Furthermore, I believe it's much more elegant to read both
files once and merge them into a memory buffer.

This way, we could check/avoid duplicate entries while parsing the
files, and would additionally have some basic mechanism to explicitly
disable a service, no matter what keyword or special character it will
be to do so; the basics would already be there.

Furthermore, we could kiss those file I/O functions goodbye, since
there would only be a small memory buffer to be "rewinded" by
setservent(), and no need to keep the files open.

Finally, I do believe a few more comments in the code would be nice.

So, if this sounds good to you, I'll start working.

Enjoy the show


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