netcat or ttcp in base?

Thomas Edward Spanjaard t.e.spanjaard at
Thu Feb 3 20:03:04 PST 2005

"Hiten Pandya" <hmp at xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
news:4201d9dc$0$718$415eb37d at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> It would be nice to have kttcp.  Not very hard
> to port, just tedious. ;)  Nice for loopback
> performance testing.

Performance testing isn't what generic users perform all day, so I'd not 
include that. Functionality provided by both (three?) candidates does 
however have a window of frequent use by a generic user, in much the same 
way ping and traceroute have. A bit more emotional reason is the naming for 
me: ``netcat'' sounds way cooler than ``tee teeceepee'' (was that a bit over 
the top? ;)).

        -- Thomas E. Spanjaard 

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