/etc/defaults/services and /etc/services

Joerg Anslik joerg at anslik.de
Thu Feb 10 14:17:09 PST 2005


although there's an ongoing discussion about the general way of
updating system files, which will probably render my work useless,
here's the patch to have a not-to-be-edited /etc/defaults/services and
an optional /etc/services.

getservent() now first tries to find a matching protocol name/port
number in /etc/defaults/services, and, if no match was found, reads
lines form /etc/services (if it exists).

I also updated the getservent.5 man page to reflect these changes, but
there's carloads more in the repository. I did not make changes to
these files, since I'd first like to know if this
/etc/defaults/services stuff will be integrated or not. Once I get a
positive feedback, I'll update all the other man pages, etc.

The patch lives here:




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