tcpdrop(8) for DragonFly

Andre Nathan andre at
Sun Nov 14 15:12:39 PST 2004

Matthew Dillon said:
>   I think two separate sysctl's.  I didn't review the code well enough to
>   know how the sysctl mechanism is supposed to work, but on the face of it
>   it seems that simply having two sysctl's, one whos action is to drop
>   and one whos action is to shutdown, would be the easiest mod.

OK, new patch at

This adds "net.inet.tcp.drop" and "net.inet.tcp.shutdown", and their v6

Do you think sodisconnect() would be just as fine as soshutdown()? I'm
asking because, since sodisconnect() expects the same argument of
soabort(), I can pass a pointer to the respective function, which I think
it's neater. If sodisconnect() is fine, there's a patch that uses it
instead at

Anyway, I hope it's alright now :) If all is fine, I'll work on adding
command line options to tcpdrop(8) so that you can choose which sysctl
it'll  use.


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