tcpdrop(8) for DragonFly

Hiten Pandya hmp at
Sat Nov 13 19:53:24 PST 2004

Andre Nathan wrote:
   There is one more issue, and that is how to safely operating on sockets
   owned by other processes.  The socket structure is not ref-counted so
   there's a race between finding and operating on the socket via the
   sysctl, and the program that owns the socket trying to close it at the
   same time.

I still need to think about this one... so far, no ideas :\

	I have not even looked at this code, but if a socket is used by
	a process, it will have an 'fd', otherwise it won't, that will
	atleast give you an indication.  This is just a general note.
	(I am still recovering... so don't quote my stuff yet :-))


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