Switching to OpenNTPD

Erik P. Skaalerud erik at pentadon.com
Tue Nov 9 15:27:05 PST 2004

Great work joerg, but for those of you who work with the docs/handbook, 
please make sure that this gets documented somewhere :-)


Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
Hi all,
the attached patch switches from ntp.org's ntpd to OpenNTPD. This means:
- a much smaller ntpd
- a much more secure daemon
- less features
- ATM no ntptrace
- ntpdate functionality is mostly integrated into ntpd, this is the default
  behaviour (sync if time difference is greater > 180 seconds, otherwise use
  normal algorithm)
- no support/need for the other helper programs of ntp
Just setup /etc/ntpd.conf (not /etc/ntp.conf!) e.g. with the following
content should be enough:
servers pool.ntp.org
With no objections, with goes into the tree tomorrow.


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