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Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai asmodai at wxs.nl
Wed Nov 10 00:56:03 PST 2004


could we please concentrate the effort here?

is what I submitted a while ago.

Andreas then provided a second patch within that bug report to which I

It is not 100% correct Andy, it leaves out the GCC 2.95.x optimization bug
workaround.  It has the Teeny version defined, DragonFly doesn't use that.
BuildThreadStubLibrary is not present any more in lib/Imakefile.  Alpha is
not supported anymore.

The FreeType, PNG, Expat stuff is something we should wrap like FreeBSD.cf
does, since a user might build from source or from ports (and whatever we
wind up with in the future).

The SharedX11Reqs and SharedXtReqs might be necessary, right now
SharedXtReqs is set correctly in bsdlib.cf, but misses the -lXThrStub
addition.  I am not 100% sure it is supported still, since FreeBSD.cf and
OpenBSD.cf removed all this from their configuration.

The same applies to your patchset at
http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/~drhodus/xorg-dragonfly.tar.gz David.
Furthermore, mine was against CVS as well.

Roland, the major problem we have is the threading issue since (as far as I
can tell) libXThrStub is totally gone.
Gents, can we now finally decide upon some steps to detail and solve this
Furthermore, we are now patching 6.7.x in the ports system we employ and
want to make sure we can cut back on the external patches for 6.8.x (plus I
envision a new release within 6 months yes, but Matthew Dillon has the last
say about that).

The programs-Xserver-hw-xfree86-os_support* patches seem to be ok, I just
wonder about programs-Xserver-include-xf86_libc.h since that shortcircuits a
#define, which I think is used by more OSes than just DragonFly and should
therefore be adjusted.

I can also agree to extras-drm-shared-drm.h include-Xos_r.h
and lib-xtrans-Xtranssock.c.

I just wonder about my own DragonFly.cf which has $(BINDIR) in two places
and I now wonder if that actually served any purpose.

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