Crossbuilding DFly on old FBSD

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Jul 29 22:02:43 PDT 2004

:Okay, not waiting by choice, but finally here we go.  I've downloaded
:the source from ten days ago, and built it to verify this message is
:still relevant.  Sorry for the delay in this, as I've been offline
:too much.  As usual, drop me from any replies and I'll catch the
:archives when I have the chance.
: ----------------------------------------------------------------
:This is a belated followup to my message of well over a month
:ago where I mentioned I'm crossbuilding DFlyBSD on an older
:FreeBSD 4.x system, and experience problems I've patched
:around in the DFly source.

    I will test and incorporate the more straightforward fixes, but may
    have to think about some of the more esoteric hacks.  I do want DFly
    to build from FreeBSD-4 but I don't want to have to do too severe
    a hack to keep it working with older 4.x's.


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