Handbook conversion done

Martin P. Hellwig mhellwig at xs4all.nl
Thu Jul 29 14:34:36 PDT 2004

Justin C. Sherrill wrote:

I finished vetting for 5.x references and hardcoded 'FreeBSD'.  The handbook
should be at least mostly OK for use now with DragonFly.  I'd appreciate if
people could give a section or two (I don't expect anyone to read all
50,000+ lines) a look-over and note any obvious inaccurate statements. 

Assuming there's no big problems found, I'll commit this.

If anyone's looking to do documentation, we need a writeup of the install
process using the curses and cgi front ends.  Someone testing the Linux
compatibity with MatLab or some of the other apps would be good, as would
looking at Advanced Networking.
Bit of a nitpick but in the synopsis the last bulletpoint (where the 
name DragonFly comes from) is called but never further explained. I'll 
keep on reading, nice colors btw it's "easy" on the eyes.

$ /usr/local/etc/rc.d/bikeshed.sh
$ Usage, mix UNIX with: {politics|religion|both(=GNU/Linux)}

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