New dfport override for x11/xorg-libraries

Andreas Hauser andy at
Sun Jul 25 04:50:46 PDT 2004

syjef wrote @ Fri, 23 Jul 2004 08:43:15 -0500:
> Hash: SHA1
> Attached in a shar of the override.  I basically just imported some patches 
> from the x11/XFree86-libraries override and modified them for xorg. There may 
> be other things that are necessary and note, for some reason the port does 
> not install symlinks so X applications will break until symlinks are created.  
> Also, multi-threaded X apps may need to be rebuilt. I was experiencing abort 
> traps on running various parts of KDE and GNOME.

You probably use gcc34.
Then X (imake) does not detect your OS correctly.
Since it does not think your system is into ELF shared libraries,
it does not make the Symlinks. You also need to set you threading
stuff the right way (see my for that).

Again, have a look at this, it will spare you some time:

(which i'm currently updating to make mousewheels work with gcc34)


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