dfports override for sysutils/pciutils

Hiten Pandya hmp at backplane.com
Thu Jul 15 16:50:54 PDT 2004

Port override committed.  Thanks Tim and YONETANI-san.

We dont need to retain compatibility in this case, because it is an 
override port.  The additional #ifdefs are just unnecessary.

Secondly, Tim, you were missing a change to <bsd.dfport.mk> and the 
$DragonFly$ CVS tag in the Makefile, but dont worry I have added them.

Conversion conventions:

	<bsd.port.mk>   	: <bsd.dfport.mk>
	<bsd.port.pre.mk> 	: <bsd.dfport.pre.mk>
	<bsd.port.post.mk> 	: <bsd.dfport.post.mk>
And the Makefile should contain the $DragonFly$ CVS id tag.



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