[FIX] acpi panic upon resume

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Sat Jul 3 22:46:42 PDT 2004

:Reading through FreeBSD-CURRENT's commitlogs, I've found the cause of
:panic when resuming from sleep state via sleep button or lid switch.
:acpi_wakeup.c in /sys/i386/acpica contains the following codes:
:        if (pm->pm_pteobj == NULL) {
:                pm->pm_pteobj = vm_object_allocate(OBJT_DEFAULT, PTDPTDI + 1);

    I'm going to bring all the ACPI stuff up-to-date on sunday and then
    tag and roll RC2.  I made fairly good progress today on all sorts of
    random issues, including the serial port issue that is hanging so many
    people on laptops.

    I'll look at the pm_pteobj stuff more closely then.


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