motd update

Robert Garrett rg70 at
Sat Jan 31 16:12:29 PST 2004

Dylan Reinhold wrote:

> Matthew Dillon wrote:
>> :
>> :>     ?  It works for me.  If you want to augment it to not update the
>> :>     motd if the motd does not already have a DragonFly line I think
>> :>     that's fine, but don't just turn it off.
>> :
>> :I don't see why the uname output should be in motd. Every sysadmin out
>> :there knows how to use uname if they want to see what OS/version its
>> :running.
>>     The solution is clear... the code should be adjusted such that if
>>     there is a DragonFly release string in the motd, the boot code
>>     adjusts it, and if there is no DragonFly release string in the motd,
>>     the boot code doesn't mess with it.
>>     The default motd has a DragonFly release string so insofar as new
>>     installs go, the motd will have the release.  But if the sysop
>>     doesn't like it he can just delete it from the motd without messing
>>     with rc.conf.
>>     Would someone like to have a go at 'fixing' /etc/rc.d/motd to
>>     generate this behavior?
>> -Matt
>> Matthew Dillon
>> <dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Ok here it is...
> This was only tested on a FreeBSD-5.2 system, I haven't had a chance to
> install DragonFly (Soon..). /etc/motd will only be updated if the first
> work of the first line is DragonFly..
> Dylan
I'll check this out sometime tonight..


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