remaining bits of local hacks from FreeBSD-CURRENT

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai asmodai at
Tue Jan 27 04:13:13 PST 2004

-On [20040127 11:52], YONETANI Tomokazu (qhwt+dragonfly-submit at xxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>While playing with the source tree, I found that our cvs command
>still lacks some of FreeBSD local hacks. I've merged the diffs
>between v1_11_5 and HEAD from FreeBSD into my local DragonFly tree.
>I tried to keep the modification to DragonFly tree as minimal as
>possible, but something may be broken or unnecessary. At least
>it compiled on my machine, and tag expansion worked when I checked
>out or updated the source tree, or when I ran 'cvs diff'.

Some of FreeBSD's features are now in 1.12.5, but use different
names/semantics, and so on.

Tag expansion for example is now using a more generic feature.  I'd
rather not add those kind of hacks back in since it is officially
supported now.  Should be easy for the appropriate teams to adjust their
CVSROOT/options file.

If you have any others I've missed let me know, I am still, albeit
slowly, merging the stuff back we're missing (as is/was evident with -j
and -q), but I am doing this piecemeal in order to submit issues to the

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