DRM Updates part 2

Erik Paulsen Skaalerud erik at pentadon.com
Mon Jan 19 05:00:24 PST 2004

Craig Dooley wrote:
This is a better patch from yesterday.  It replaces all OS checks to 
explicitly test __DragonFly__, Changes DRM_LOCK and DRM_UNLOCK to 
DRM_LOCK() and DRM_UNLOCK(), and splits memory debugging into 2 files.
I have only tested it on a radeon, but all the other changes are minimal
to specific drivers.

Somehow I cant get this patch to work properly; it burps out:

patch: **** malformed patch at line 1089: Index: 

I can see that this file does not exist, but shouldnt patch just create 
the file then? Hrm..

The command I use to patch is "cd /usr/src;patch -p0 < ~erik/drm2.patch"

Any ideas? I'd love to help out testing your patch..


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