gcc34 dfport override

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Mon Jan 5 16:03:35 PST 2004

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:dfport override for gcc34.  I would like to fix this up and send it to 
:the gcc people.  It appears that __DragonFly__ is not defined when
:building ports.  Whats the prefered method of doing this?  
:Craig Dooley                                            craig at xxxxxxxxxx

    __DragonFly__ should be defined when building ports on a native 
    DragonFly machine with the gcc in the code base.

    For gcc34 you would need to add code to define __DragonFly__ ... add
    to the same place where __FreeBSD__ is added.  

    In the native codeset I define both __FreeBSD__ and __DragonFly__,
    mainly to accomodate the ports system.


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