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Chris Pressey wrote:

> I don't know what you mean by "going out too far," but just delete the
> "WIDTH=780" part from the first table tag, and it should flow to
> whatever browser size the user has.  At least, it does for me.

If the browser window is over about 800 pixels across, it makes the
sentences string out wider than is comfortable to read, especially in
text-heavy sections like Goals.  The number of people with screens >800
pixels is greater (and always on the increase) at this point than folks
<800, so I was worried about that first.

> Yeah.  Although not necessarily for the privledge of putting the cute
> certification button on the site... just following the suggestions it
> gives is a good way to increase a site's accessibility.

Going through the various w3c validation pages may also be a good target. 
Must... not... get... distracted...

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