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Mon Feb 23 22:08:22 PST 2004

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Chris Pressey wrote:
> Just to be clear: I don't mind having a slogan [...]

Hm; I wouldn't think of these as slogans, per se, but more of a 
tongue-in-cheek way of saying that, while the project is serious, we 
don't take ourselves *too* seriously.  Stuff that you couldn't do on a 
stuffy corporate site.

(Which may or may not be the desired/a desirable message to send, but 
I'll leave that for others to debate.)

> While on the subject... I agree with Mezz' comments.  Viewing the page
> with Mozilla Firepig (or whatever its name is *today*) even in 800x600
> resolution, I get a horizontal scrollbar unless I've selected "Full
> Screen", which I rarely ever do, for what are maybe obvious reasons.

Grah.  Why didn't they invent an HTML tag which says, "Make this text 
block a comfortable and readable width given the user's screen 
constraints"?  Yeah, yeah, semantics, not layout, or whatever the excuse 
is; just hand me a nice, crisp printout on A4 or letter paper. :-)

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