minor emu10k1.c cleanup

Chris Pressey cpressey at catseye.mine.nu
Sun Feb 22 20:00:54 PST 2004

On Sun, 22 Feb 2004 19:31:43 -0800
Chris Pressey <cpressey at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'll try to figure out what's up with the code I marked XXX, by
> looking through CVS logs, but I don't have one of these soundcards to
> test it with so I'm not too hopeful.

OK, I found it: version 1.20 in FreeBSD's CVS:


The germane portion of the commit message is "modify chn_setblocksize()
to pick a default soft-blocksize appropriate to the sample rate and
format in use.  it will aim for a power of two size small enough to
generate block sizes of at most 20ms.  it will also set the
hard-blocksize taking into account rate/format conversions in use."

It feels like it should be "return blksz" instead of "return blocksize".

Either that, or the assignment to "blksz" should actually be to
"ch->blksz"... ?

Anyone have any idea how (/whether?) to go about fixing this?  It's
surely not a serious bug, as it would've bitten *someone* in the three
years it's been in the tree, if it were.  But it's still something that
would be nice to address merely in the name of sanity :)


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