patch to style(9) man page to reflect current practices

Peter Kadau peter.kadau at
Wed Feb 18 14:47:30 PST 2004

Hi !

	void	function(int, char);	/* fd, foo */
Somehow only acceptable up to three arguments.
Then you'll have to think about line-continuation stuff.
(Always a nice issue to argue about...8-P)
	void	function(int,		/* fd */
			 char);		/* foo */
Ick. That just plain sucks. We may start using variables
like `FileDescriptor' then... ;-)
I was thinking of Torvald's example `ThisVariableIsATemporaryCounter'.
Why not just a reference to the file implementing the function ?
/* usr.bin/contrib/foo/foo_basics.c */
void function(int, char);
This may not be up-to-date all the time but close enough.
And glimpse is still your friend - something I learned here.
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