diff - GNU og BSD ?

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Wed Feb 18 14:10:27 PST 2004

:>> Can you give me the more points on this beside BSD license is more
:>> flexible? I doubt, you can give any unless it's something that is
:>> connect with the kernel (ie: FS, modules and etc).
:> Have you signed the FSF papers for merging back patches? Not all GPL
:> software in contrib is "bad", but the FSF stuff is somewhat evil.
:With the Matt's recently new move/method[1] on GCC and Binutils, do you
:still have to send the patches back to FSF? Just a last question and
:curious. :-)

    There is no requirement to submit patches back to the FSF.  We only
    need to make the source code available, which we do.  The whole FSF
    copyright assignment issue is only for contributions you wish to 
    submit back to the FSF for incorporation into the base product.


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