License advocacy

ibotty bsd at
Wed Feb 18 08:05:43 PST 2004

> As usual, asmodai hits the nail on the head with a sledgehammer. :-)
> I can't help but agree; the BSD license makes life very easy, especially
> since the advertising clause was removed.  Have a client who needs a
> spot of code?  Just copy it, toss the copyright into the maintenance
> file, and you're done.
> At work, we're in the midst of some business transaction whose details
> I'm not privy to, but the lawyers are making my life hell in making me
> document our usage of all GPL/LGPLed apps and libraries, to ensure that
> the code has somehow found its way into our products.  Ugh.
> Dave

while i do agree, in that i prefer the bsdl, i think we should not engage in
a license discussion.
these issues usually lead to massive amount of traffic and bad blood. imo,
we do need neither.


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