cleaned up x11/nvidia-driver override port

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed Feb 11 16:11:15 PST 2004

:Hey folks,
:Here's a cleaned up override port. What's different with the former is that
:I split out the freebsd and dragonfly specific stuff, and even patched,
:this module should still work/compile on FreeBSD as well.

    Emiel, after unpacking your new patch the only difference relative to
    your initial submission that David committed on 1/14 is that you've
    added a new file, "files/patch-dfly".  

    Is this correct?

    p.s. please don't use shar!  tar is fine, and for patch sets like these
    it's even better to use a 'diff -r -u -N oldir newdir' or 'cvs diff' if you aren't
    adding any new files, or 'cvs diff -N' if the changes do include new files and you've
    cvs add'd the files to your local repository.  Finally, do not include the 'CVS'
    directories when posting a submission.


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