Final Thoughts: WWW Framework

Justin C. Sherrill justin at
Tue Feb 10 07:16:32 PST 2004

Matthew Dillon wrote:

>     So, what does it buy us?

The pool of people out there that can understand SGML and the tools used
with its many flavors is pretty large; there's not so many people that use
C for that purpose, and the people that are comfortable with C are usually
oriented towards other tasks, like kernel programming or driver work.  I
think we have a larger potential 'labor pool' if we use these tools.  

I don't think the difference in template style is more or less difficult to
work with, and the static pages will be indexed by search engines more
readily.  The newsfeed from my DragonFly 'blog', or feeds from other
locations, could be integrated much more readily using these tools, since
that's structured in a similar fashion.  Plus, Hiten, Amar, and I are all
willing to work on this, so there's no shortage of labor.  

If we didn't move to a structured base and stuck with tablecg, we'd probably
end up using some other intermediate tool to convert SGML/XML/etc data for
the website.  Or the other direction, for printed material, someday. 
Switching sooner rather than later doesn't hurt.

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