Buildworld from FreeBSD4.8

Robert Garrett rg70 at
Sat Feb 7 20:48:08 PST 2004

David Rhodus wrote:

> On Feb 7, 2004, at 9:55 PM, Robert Garrett wrote:
>> This seems to be the only place that is giving us a problem,
>> with builds from freebsd. But yes that is the better way. I will take
>> care of this file later this evening.
>> Robert Garrett
> I also see errors when building the kernel from the USB code
> path I believe. I haven't looked into it yet as I knew you, Rob,
> were tracking most of this already.
> -DR
yes, thats a case of __DragonFly__ being redefined fixes are on the way,
 There are also a couple other minor cleanup issues, that I need to deal
with.  Basically some stuff that I hadn't intended to commit (hacks) to
get past certain points in the build, that where corrected later.
which is where the USB errors came from.

I just havent got them committed yet.

Further note on the crossbuild: 

Several people have reported problems with that file, all of them
agreed that after patching that file to define dragonfly world 
completes cleanly from 4.9

Robert Garrett

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