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Hiten Pandya hmp at
Fri Feb 6 14:23:45 PST 2004

Amar Takhar wrote:
On 2004-02-06 21:19 +0000, Hiten Pandya wrote:

Amar Takhar wrote:

Sofar, i've gotten 3 responses saying that XML/XSLT are better.  I'd like 
to ask
a few questions as to why.
	Amar, I appreciate that you took the effort to do the website
	and all, but to put it a little blunt, I made my point pretty
	clear in various e-mail posts to the lists that I will be the
	one handling the doc and www framework, atleast the initiation
	of it; so I don't really understand why you are so "Rushy-Rushy"
	about this issue.

I'm not being rushy-rushy, infact I hadn't even caught that email, as I said
this was a product of a conversation during new years, which is 5 weeks ago.  I
have absolutly no idea where you got the idea this was a rush job.
	Well, in that case, you could have atleast sent an e-mail to the
	docs list, or the kernel list or submit list and asked if anyone
	was already working on it...
I don't belive in talk, only action, I always do proof-of-concepts and case
studies, talk is fantastic, but most of the time that's all it ends up being.
Proof by example is, in most cases, the best choice.  Rather than starting a
long winded discussion, I showed the product and provided the rational behind
	Talking is good, as long as you know what you want to get out
	of it; pick what you need out of a discussion and get it over
	with.  By not asking, you made the situation a little
	complicated by knocking off the person (!) who has been
	working on it.
	If you are still a fan of the "no talk, only action", then
	please think about joining the SAS or the Foreign Legion.
	The only talk and no action method does not work very well
	when you are working in a collaboration.
	I have dfbsd doc and www frameworks working locally, although
	there are still a few issues I need to address, like layout
	etc, which will be taken care of in the next two months.
Two months?,  that is no more than a weekend job.

What I did with the site provided was in a few short hours, while watching
repeats of the simpsons and family guy.
If it's going to take two months, you may seriously want to reconsidering
exactly what you're doing for the framework.
	Seriously, it should not be your prerogative or anyone elses
	for that matter to question one's time management and schedules
	in an Open Source Project.
	If you did it in a weekend, than that is good for you, I do
	not really give bees wax about it, since it sounds like you
	trying to judge technical abilities to justify that your
	website framework be committed.
	When one analyse the content of your various replies to this
	thread, you give everyone the impression that it does not matter
	if your framework does not get committed, but on the other hand
	you are *very insisting* on others to accept your work.
	I very well understand the procedure taken in Open Source
	Projects on reviewing one's work; might I add, that I have
	learnt it quite the hard way which is the reason why I
	always let people know of what I am doing, so I dont step
	on someone elses foot.
	Besides, I am working on multiple things at the same time
	some DragonFly related and others not, so when I say two
	months, don't be mistaken that I am a rookie trying to
	learn web technolgies (which is what your mail is radiating).
	Hope that clears your confusion,

		-- Hiten

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