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Robert Garrett rg70 at
Mon Feb 2 14:30:44 PST 2004>
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Dylan Reinhold wrote:

> Robert Garrett wrote:
>> Robert Garrett wrote:
>>>Robert Garrett wrote:
>>>>Dylan Reinhold wrote:
>>>>>Ok here it is...
>>>>>This was only tested on a FreeBSD-5.2 system, I haven't had a chance to
>>>>>install DragonFly (Soon..). /etc/motd will only be updated if the first
>>>>>work of the first line is DragonFly..
>>>>I'll check this out sometime tonight..
>>>patch looks fine, I will commit this as soon as I finish checking out, a
>>>clean source tree
>> committed
> Robert the diff did not apply properly, the current file in cvs is
> broken... Do you want me to send you another diff on the broken version?
> Thanks,
> Dylan

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