Less radical layout

Justin C. Sherrill justin at shiningsilence.com
Fri Feb 20 20:46:45 PST 2004

This time, my changes have good reason behind them.  All these
changes are relatively small, but together it's a noticeable change.  I
can back out individual parts as needed before committing this. 

Seen here: http://home.shiningsilence.com:81/main/

- Menu now has indents; stylesheet is cleaned up to reflect menu parts.

- By popular demand, the menu highlight is less mustardy.

- Put a max page width. 

- Moved the top section over and changed stylesheet to keep menu from
shifting vertically between pages and to make menu column visually align
with header graphic. 

- Made the top title slightly larger, as it should be larger relative to
the in-body headings.  Made menu sections bold instead of H2 with
similar reasoning, and to fix extra TD spacing using H caused in
Internet Explorer. 

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