Final Thoughts: WWW Framework

Hiten Pandya hmp at
Fri Feb 6 15:33:37 PST 2004


I have discussed my issues with Amar , and have reached the verdict; 
that since he has already done preliminary work for the DFBSD WWW,
I am willing to commit his work in the next 3 days.  If there is any
objections than send them as a followup to this thread.

Forget the "New Website (inspired by Website Layout thread)" mail
followups I sent, because I have already discussed the issues with
him privately to clear my confusion, and now to clear everyone
elses. :-)
I might sound a little different from how I sound in the previous
thread, but I think the sense just kicked into my head that the work
he has done should not go to waste, like how it happened in previous
years with me in different situations.
After giving a closer look at the work that Amar has submitted and
the whole picture, it makes perfectly clear sense.  If people were
misunderstood, than here is the picture:
    o The WWW framework that has been submitted is a hybrid of
      SGML and XML+XSL.  By that I mean, we can easily have
      task lists, news, etc in XML+XSL and still use SGML and
      friends for whatever they are good for.
    o In the framework introduced, we can easily add whatever
      things we want, and can still stay up with new updates to
      XSL and friends.
    o If you are mistaken that XML+XSL will be used for the *whole*
      website, than please, snap out of it! :)  The framework
      will produce pure HTML for the browsers (eventually switch
      to XHTML but that is sorta cosmetic...).
    o XML+XSL and friends will *only* be used when we want the
      content to be separate from presentation; for example the
      DFBSD contributors list, TODO/Task Lists, News, etc;
      otherwise there is no need for it, because it would just
      be over-engineering.
I am sure I have made the `technicalities' clear by this mail.  So
please, no flames needed. :-)
Thanks and regards,

	-- Hiten

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