index -> strchr / rindex -> strrchr

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Aug 30 17:07:02 PDT 2004

    Generally speaking I like the work you are doing, and I'll get to
    it when I get back from my little mini vacation :-)  

    However, I would enter a note of caution when it comes to running
    function name replacement.  Many of these replacements, probably most
    of them, do not really move the project forward.

    For example, I am wholely in favor of getting rid of strcpy(), strcat(),
    mktemp(), and so forth... functions that are inherently insecure should
    definitely be replaced, even for trivial uses.

    I would be in favor of fixing up index() and rindex() since the mainstream
    uses of strchr() and strrchr() these days .

    I would not, however, replace any ofthe b*() functions.  The bozos making
    the new standards screwed up big time IMHO.  I far prefer bzero(), bcmp(),
    and bcopy() to junk they replaced them with.

:ftime - get date and time (LEGACY)


:getwd - get the current working directory pathname (LEGACY)


:index - character string operations (LEGACY)


:mktemp - make a unique filename (LEGACY)

:rindex - character string operations (LEGACY)


:utimes - set file access and modification times (LEGACY)


:wcswcs - find a wide substring (LEGACY)


:My second question is, should I change this everywhere, or just in bin/,
:sbin/, usr.bin/ and usr.sbin/ or also in lib/, sys/, et cetera? (I presume
:that these changes should not be made in contrib/ and gnu/ directories?
:Let me know what you guys think.

     As a rule these sorts of changes should NOT be made to contrib/ code
     or third-party maintained code.  I would stick with the primary 
     directories for now.  bin, sbin, usr.bin, usr.sbin, lib.  Even sys,
     though that requires a more involved review.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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