Crossbuilding DFly on old FBSD

Barry Bouwsma freebsd-misuser at
Sat Aug 7 13:49:26 PDT 2004

Six days ago (sheesh, I need a faster machine to buildworld),
Matt Dillon wrote:

>     Try out this patch (I am testing it now so there might be issues with
>     it)... see if it does a better job on your old FreeBSD system with
>     your other hacks removed.  

SHIP IT !!!1!

Er, excuse me.  I meant to say, quietly, that your patch solves
all the build issues I had, except for the out-of-sync includes
issue.  (That I worked around by incorporating those parts of my
hack that built and used an `include' directory from the build

My build eventually completed after, well, longer than I expected.
Therefore, the issue of build-tool requirements being out-of-sync
with the build environment appears to have been addressed.

(It may already be noted, but I had to use __MAKE_CONF pointing
to a make.conf file without CXXFLAGS defined, as the latest gcc
import causes those given as an example in my FreeBSD make.conf
that I chose to uncomment to be invalid.  Noted in at least one
mail to the freebsd-current mailing list.  May be of interest if
not known already.)

I confess that my `includes' hack sorta works, but not entirely.
That is, it writes in the src directory, creating osreldate.h
and vers.c and version, and directory rpcsvc within src/include,
rather than using the appropriate obj directory.  Also, the
SUBDIR directories defined in the includes Makefile get created
there too.  Oh well.  This may because I'm taking a shortcut,
or it could be because I don't know what I'm doing.

Therefore, my includes hack is not suitable as such for inclusion,
but the idea seems to be a start.

I'll go back in time to 4.0 and RELENG_3 if not earlier, just
to see how far back FreeBSD is capable of crossbuilding DFly
with suitable includes hackery.

barry bouwsma

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