XOrg 7.0 dfport override.

walt wa1ter at myrealbox.com
Fri Aug 6 19:51:12 PDT 2004

James L. Davis wrote:
Hello everyone.  It seems that there were two reported
problems with the X.org-7.0.tar.bz2 dfport override that
was published on ftp.fortunaty.net.  The two problems were
that True Type font rendering and mousewheel support stopped

I've put the updated port here:

Works fine for me, thanks.  I don't have a mousewheel so I can't
comment.  TrueType rendering definitely works with the xtt module.
Installing this non-standard port has some implications for
package management, as I discovered:
First, the port advises you to delete several XFree86 packages
before proceeding.  It fails to mention the imake-4 port which
also should be deleted -- these files are included in the xorg
Second, 'portupgrade' and 'pkgdb' will choke on the new X.org
package.  I found that editing /usr/local/etc/pkgtool.conf like
this will get rid of that part of the problem:
And you will need to run pkgdb -F and specify X.org-7.0 as the
new dependency to replace all the missing XFree86 packages.
Pretty simple, really, but if don't do it you'll get multiple
annoying error messages.

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