RFC: purging old perl-5.005_03 from base

Chris Pressey cpressey at catseye.mine.nu
Mon Aug 2 11:02:20 PDT 2004

On Mon, 2 Aug 2004 10:33:29 -0700
Ade Lovett <dflybsd at xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Back over in FreeBSD 4.x-land, I've now developed a complete set of 
> patches (modulo one piece of code - src/usr.bin/sockstat) that allows 
> for the complete removal of contrib/perl (aka perl-5.005_03) from the 
> base system -- ie: buildworld/buildkernel/installworld/installkernel 
> works, does the right thing, no perl present in the base.
> Obviously, some of the work I've done will need to be recoded for the 
> slight differences between FreeBSD and DragonFlyBSD userland, but 
> before I go ahead and do this, is there any interest here for doing 
> this?
> Regards,
> 	-aDe [@FreeBSD.org/supernews.net]

Here's the current status of what-still-needs-perl-in-DragonFly-AFAICT:

* src/usr.sbin/spkrtest/spkrtest.pl --> usr/bin/spkrtest

  Not relevant to us, as systimers preclude using the speaker.
  Maybe we should just trash (or convert to using soundcard)
  all of the speaker-related things in base (incl. some games.)

* src/usr.sbin/route6d/misc/chkrt --> not installed

  Not installed, therefore not a problem?

* src/usr.bin/sockstat/sockstat.pl --> usr/bin/sockstat

  Hiten Pandya has a DragonFly-ized version of this (in C) in the works.

* src/usr.sbin/setkey/scriptdump.pl --> usr/sbin/scriptdump

  A script from KAME - it looks like it hasn't changed in FreeBSD 5
  (perhaps it's not installed by FreeBSD 5?  or FreeBSD 5 installs
  perl scripts even though it doesn't install perl??)

* src/contrib/groff/contrib/mm/mmroff.pl -> usr/bin/mmroff
* src/contrib/groff/src/utils/afmtodit/afmtodit.pl -> usr/bin/afmtodit

  From the groff contrib.  If they're not critical, we can probably
  handle these scripts by simply not installing them.


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