Update: crossbuilding under older 4.x FreeBSD

Barry Bouwsma freebsd-misuser at remove-NOSPAM-to-reply.NOSPAM.dyndns.dk
Fri Aug 27 14:02:46 PDT 2004

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Hm...  This isn't particularly useful, but I thought I'd send
an update.

If you remember, I'm crossbuilding DFly on an older FreeBSD-4
system, which has conflicting or missing includes files needed
for the DFly build.  I previously revealed my hack to work around
that, which was little more than a hack, and indeed, later I
noted problems this hack had not addressed when creating an
includes directory to be used during the build.

The specific problem was that certain includes would try to
write into my source.  So my latest workaround was to abuse
the BOOTSTRAPPING define in order to skip those particular
includes, rather than try to get them in the right place.

With this, I can now build without problems and a read-only
source.  Whee.  Also, this probably avoids the osreldate.h
conflicts that may have caused problems (note that I don't
know enough about the build process to be accused of anything).

This is *not* a useful patch, except for me.  The latest
FreeBSD seems to build a legacy step where such includes
would be handled.  I still haven't tried a non-fast `includes'
build to see if it works better for the few out-of-date/missing
includes files in my crossbuild.

--- /dist/src/DragonFly-src/source-hacks/include/Makefile-UNHACKED	Mon Aug 23 18:33:02 2004
+++ /dist/src/DragonFly-src/source-hacks/include/Makefile	Mon Aug 23 21:04:34 2004
@@ -8,7 +8,11 @@
 # links.
 CLEANFILES= osreldate.h version vers.c
+###  HACK  the following try to be put in the source hierarchy, so skip
+###        until I have a more vague idea what I'm trying to do
+.if !defined(BOOTSTRAPPING)
 SUBDIR= arpa protocols rpc rpcsvc
 INCS=	a.out.h ar.h assert.h bitstring.h complex.h cpio.h ctype.h db.h \
 	dirent.h disktab.h \
 	dlfcn.h elf.h elf-hints.h err.h fnmatch.h fstab.h \
@@ -85,7 +89,11 @@
 #SHARED=	symlinks
 SHARED?=	copies
+#### HACK  don't build this (builds in source directory) when populating
+####       an includes tree for crossbuilds, for what it's worth
+.if !defined(BOOTSTRAPPING)
 INCS+=	osreldate.h
 osreldate.h:	${.CURDIR}/../sys/conf/newvers.sh \

As a result of this, what I now do in my _crossincludes target
(seen in a previous mail) is thus:

+       cd ${.CURDIR}/include; ${BMAKEENV} ${MAKE}  -DBOOTSTRAPPING installincludes

Apart from the out-of-date/missing includes problem, I need no
other patches to get my 4.5? or .7? -ish FreeBSD world to build
the latest DragonFly.

barry bouwsma

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