heimdal 0.6.2

Richard Nyberg rnyberg at it.su.se
Wed Aug 4 04:43:20 PDT 2004

I thought it was time to update our ancient heimdal sources.

This is almost exactly the FreeBSD build scripts. I've only
patched them for bsd.hostprog.mk where needed, and changed the
version string.

Please note the FreeBSD changed the name of some programs from
k5* to k*. I have not changed this back since I think we should
follow that move.

I removed kerberos from the build tools stage, since it doesn't
seem to be needed there.

Anyway, you can find all files you need at the following location.


kerberos5.tar.gz	- FreeBSD build scripts for heimdal
kerberos5.diff		- Patch for DragonFly against FreeBSD
heimdal-0.6.2.tar.gz	- Heimdal release
Makefile.inc1.diff	- Removes kerberos from btools stage


PS. I'm soon going to post a dfports override which is going to need
    a modern heimdal dist.

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