XFree86-4 update

Claes Wallin clawa570+dragonfly at student.liu.se
Thu Apr 1 04:06:47 PST 2004

Andreas Hauser wrote:
Does XFree86-4-clients build out of the box for you (gcc3)? I had quite 
a few issues today with vsnprintf, ZLIB and such. Really weird, because 
the cf:s/def:s look fine and I did deinstall/install a clean imake-4.
Yes. The only problems i have left are those wired auto*
ones where you have to "make install" directly in the
offending ports dir.
If you could send me the error message(s), please.
Haha. It seems I have run out of diskspace. That could conceivably be 
the problem.. I'll get back to you if it isn't. =)


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